Humidity and dust blamed for rise in respiratory problems, UAE doctors say

Humidity and dust blamed for rise in respiratory problems, UAE doctors say

An increase in the number of chest infections this summer has been blamed on environment changes with hot, dusty air mixing with humid conditions, UAE doctors have said.

Exposure to poor air quality and an increase in vaping are also having an effect on the number of people being treated for respiratory conditions in clinics.

Some hospitals reported a surge in case numbers during recent weeks as the dusty, humid conditions caused misery for those with chronic respiratory problems and allergies.

Almost half of patients seen by doctors at Bareen International Hospital in Abu Dhabi reported some kind of respiratory condition, with bronchitis a common complaint.

Most of the bronchitis we are seeing now is related to the environment rather than a virus

Dr Hardik Patel, NMC Royal Hospital Dubai

“We are seeing lots of patients with chest infections like bronchitis, and other kinds of problems,” said Dr Ahmed Raza, an internal medicine specialist at Bareen International Hospital.

“They are not coming from a background of influenza. They have had a cough for two weeks or more, which is unusual,” he said.

Dr Raza said that dusty, humid weather can cause issues this time of year, especially for children and asthmatics.

“Last week we saw an increase in these patients. Out of 30 patients in a day, almost half were coming to us with these respiratory problems, so it is a pattern,” he said.

“We would expect to see this number of patients during the winter, which makes it unusual during the summer.”

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