Book details UAE's geological journey of 600 million years

Book details UAE’s geological journey of 600 million years

A book that has been translated into Arabic for the first time sheds light on the UAE’s geological journey of more than 600 million years.

The book took more than a decade to prepare and details the country’s geological structure, significant phenomena and eras, as well as mineral wealth.

The Geological Evolution in the UAE during more than six hundred million years of Earth’s history was published by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

Khalid Al Hosani, director of the geology and mineral resources department in the Ministry, told The National it marks a milestone as the first reference on the country’s geology published in Arabic.

“The comprehensive text highlights the geological development of the nation over a span of more than 600 million years,” he said.

“It puts together results from various geological and geophysical studies and surveys conducted by the ministry in conjunction with several specialised international expertise houses.”

These trails are home to rare geological structures and a wide array of rocks, and they serve as a national geological museum

Khalid Al Hosani, director of geology and mineral resources, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

The book provides a detailed overview of the UAE’s dynamic geological evolution.

It features hundreds of geological maps and vivid colour illustrations, and will serve as a reliable scientific guide for geologists, scientists, researchers, academics, government agencies, and the mining industries sector.

“Additionally, the ministry is also engaged in a research project with the British Geological Survey,” Mr Al Hosani said.

The British Geological Survey is a government agency that aims to advance geoscientific knowledge of the UK’s land mass and its continental shelf by means of systematic surveying and research.

Mr Al Hosani the ministry and the agency signed an agreement to co-operate in areas of information exchange and research.

The primary focus is understanding the country’s tectonic movements through successive geological times and the geological development of the country.

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